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The Telemetry and Telecommand Unit (UTMC) was developed to INPE (Brazilian Space Program), in a consortium with AEL Systems (Elbit group, Israel). AEL developed the boards, and Innalogics the VHDL. UTMC is part of INPE’s multi-mission platform, to be used in satellites with payloads up to 280 kg, developed according to ESA-CCSDS.

Inertial navigation

With investment by the Brazilian Space Agency, the team has been developing an Inertial Navigation System for the Brazilian Space Program. This system seeks to meet the needs of future launch vehicles and other applications that require high precision for positioning and attitude, as well as short response time, either for civil or military applications.

RFID chip

The chip was developed to record information such as location, origin, origin, price, date and time of manufacture of different products, including the agricultural sector. With low cost, size and weight, it is an important ally to optimize inventory control and logistics.

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