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Check our services, ranging from satellite development, to IoT ready applications, critical embedded systems and communication networks. 

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System Engineering

Time and budget are precious resources for every space mission. To assist your project to be on track, the expertise of our team is a service that you can acquire to mitigate the risks across the development.

Device Development

We develop hardware and software devices tailored to specific needs and application, ranging from satellite modules to communication systems.

Embedded solutions

Embedded systems to a wide range of clients. Other technologies not directly related to spatial application have great advantages by integrating our solutions into their systems, especially those with critical requirements and severe constraints.

Testing and integration

Increase the confidence of the project by proper assembly, integration and testing. Although any failure upset the team, it is important to find them as early as possible. With our support, conduct the tests from the simplest to the most complex, the cheapest to the most expensive, the most demanding to the less critical system.


Every mission is specific. If you need the customization of modules that are not readily available in our portfolio, we are ready to receive your specifications and work on a reliable solution to fulfill your needs.

Other opportunities

A space mission is not solely the space segment. The real value of the mission is on the data measured and sent to the ground segment. For any support for the application or ground systems, contact our team and request a solution.